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Innovative Genome Analysis


Igenbio's revolutionary ERGO™ software transforms data into knowledge for Scientists & Researchers.


ERGO™ has the largest manually curated database of genomic annotations integrated into metabolic pathways and chemical networks in the world.


ERGO™'s unique comparison toolset can identify novel chromosomal regions.


ERGO™'s comprehensive dataset and software lead to discoveries you cannot make anywhere else.

The ERGO™ Genome Analysis and Discovery System provides a systems-biology informatics toolkit centered on comparative genomics to capture, query and visualize sequenced genomes. Building upon the most comprehensive genomic database available anywhere integrated with the largest collection of microbial metabolic and non-metabolic pathways and using Igenbio's proprietary algorithms, ERGO™ assigns functions to genes, integrates genes into pathways, and identifies previously unknown or mischaracterized genes, cryptic pathways and gene products.
ERGO™ provides better and faster identification of gene function across all organisms.
Industrial, academic, and government scientists are employing ERGO™ for:
  • Automated and manual annotation of genes and genomes
  • Analysis of metabolic and non-metabolic pathways to understand organism physiology
  • Comparison of multiple genomes to identify shared and unique features and SNPs
  • Functional analysis of gene expression microarray data
  • Data-mining for target gene discovery
  • In silico metabolic engineering and strain improvement

Best in class informatics

The ERGO™ Genome Analysis & Discover System provides an in silico systems biology platform for the comprehensive analysis of organisms for which genomic DNA sequence data is available. ERGO™ is a next generation bioinformatics suite offered exclusively by Igenbio and represents the development of a multi-dimensional genome informatics platform supporting both automatic and manual genome-wide curation.

Rather than merely repackaging known information, ERGO™ integrates genomic information with biochemical data, literature, and high-throughput analysis into a comprehensive user-friendly network of metabolic and non-metabolic pathways.

ERGO™ users can take into account sequence similarity, protein and gene context clustering, occurrence profiles, regulatory and expression data, as well as functional hierarchies in order to obtain the best possible set of gene functional predictions. Using the ERGO™ system, a major part of the metabolism of an organism, can be reconstructed entirely in silico.

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