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For biological defense organizations looking to accelerate their understanding of human pathogens, Igenbio offers genome sequencing with its partners and analysis services that can accelerate the culturing and understanding of these organisms. Unlike our competitors, Igenbio's metabolic reconstruction capabilities can accelerate the development of growth media in addition to best-in-class sequencing and analysis.

Governments around the world are under increasing pressure to protect their populations against the threat of terrorist attacks using biological agents. 

Igenbio is the global leader in microbial genomics, with 17 years of experience working to better understand the genomics and biology human pathogens. Our unique genome analysis and metabolic reconstruction capabilities can accelerate the process of identifying and validating new therapeutic targets.


  • Rapid Sequencing and annotations
  • Identify growth media for slow, fastidious and uncultivable pathogens

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  • Yersinia pestis
  • Francisella tularemia
  • Bacillus anthracis
  • Brucella melitensis
  • And more...

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