Simple, Fast, and Secure sequence analysis.

ERGO Workflows could not be easier - simply drag and drop your sequence files into ERGO and start analyzing. There is no simpler way to perform RNA-Seq and Variant analysis. 


Rapidly convert sequence data into results.

Importing your sequence data into ERGO is simple: just click on the upload icon and drag and drop your files into ERGO. Your data is protected at all times by state of the art encryption.

Made for researchers.

ERGO Workflows enable researchers to use the best publication proven bioinformatics software such as: bowtie 2, hisat2, SNPEff, and more.  ERGO manages these tools for you, giving you research results quickly without diving into the command line.

Bioinformatics tools are typically command line Linux programs requiring intensive computer resources. This presents a major barrier to starting research. Igenbio’s aim is to make the best analysis tools available to every researcher. That’s why we’re so excited to announce ERGO Workflows, because it brings us closer than ever to that goal.
— Vinayak Kapatral, Phd. President And CEO of Igenbio

After ERGO completes your workflow, your results are integrated into ERGO’s deep visualization and analysis tools.


Researchers worldwide trust Igenbio and ERGO for their sequencing and data analysis needs


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