ERGO 2.0's new Genome Browser integrates all of your genomic information in one place. Including RNA-Seq, methyl-seq, and variant data.


ERGO seamlessly transitions from depth charts to read alignment diagrams visualizing splice sites.


Create your own custom genome view with our fully customizable multi-track interface.


Zoom down to the individual nucleotide level. ERGO automatically calls out base changes in aligned reads.


New: ERGO 2.0's Genome Browser now supports Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) Methylomics Data

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  • Blazing fast interactive and customizable track browser

  • Easily integrate your own tracks by dragging and dropping them into the browser.

  • Seemless zooming: Zoom out to view sequence structure and zoom all the way in to the individual nucleotide. 

  • Fully integrated into ERGO. Every gene can be inspected revealing it's detailed functional information.

  • Support for standard file formats such as BAM, SAM, BCF, VCF, and GFF.

  • Support for Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) Methylomics data.

  • Handles genomes of any size.

  • Easily export images for reports, presentations, and manuscripts.