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Igenbio, Inc.  offers growth media design, genome sequencing, and analysis services to bioremediation companies seeking to accelerate the engineering and growing of environmental remediation organisms. Unlike contract sequencing organizations, Igenbio provides analysis and metabolic reconstruction capabilities which shorten the time between sequencing and the addition of business value. 

Environmental clean-up and remediation requires ever more sophisticated and productive organisms to do the dirty work. Igenbio is the global leader in microbial genomics, offering unparalleled expertise in genome analysis for growth media design and metabolic engineering. Our unique genome analysis and metabolic reconstruction capabilities accelerate the process of improving microbial strains and leads to a competitive advantage. 


  • Rapid Sequencing and annotations
  • Identify growth media for slow, fastidious and uncultivable pathogens

Igenbio is the global leader in microbial genomics, with more than 17 years of experience working with governments and medical experts. Whether your project calls for the sequencing and annotation of a new organism or the metabolic engineering of an organism already sequenced; Igenbio can bring the leading content, analysis software, and scientific expertise to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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