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See Dr. Vinayak Kapatral Presentation at the 2016 World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Dr. Vinayak Kapatral, CEO of Igenbio, Inc. will be giving a presentation at the 2016 World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology. Dr. Kapatral will be present at the World Congress from April 17th to 20th. To set up face to face meeting with Dr. Kapatral, please use this form.


Here's the description of Dr. Kapatral's presentation:

ERGO 2.0 a Genomics Platform for Synthetic Biology and Expression Analytics: Statin
production design. ERGO 2.0 provides a systems biology informatics toolkit centered on comparative genomics to capture, query, and visualize sequenced genomes. Using Igenbio's proprietary algorithms, and the most comprehensive genomic database integrated with the largest collection of microbial metabolic and nonmetabolic pathways, ERGO™ assigns functions to genes, integrates genes into pathways, and identifies previously unknown or mischaracterized genes, cryptic pathways, and gene products. ERGO 2.0’s handcurated content combined with new computer-aided design (CAD) tools help scientists in the biotechnology, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries design, debug, and compile biological code leading to new bio-based products faster.
Using ERGO 2.0, we present the design and development of statin production in a heterologous host