• Perfect for environmental, clinical, and industrial samples of interest

  • Reveal sample diversity

  • Identify cultarable and noncultarable microorganisms

  • Relative and specific abundance of identify taxa

  • Discover statistically significant differences in diversity between sample groups

  • Metabolic Activity

  • Taking your project's goals into account, our expert scientists help you choose the right technologies such as PCR, qPCR and NGS (Oxford Nanopore, Illumina, and Pacific Biosciences).

Interactive and customizable Analysis


  • Explore interactive diversity plots that deepen your understanding of your samples

  • Custom analysis pipelines that include:

    • multiple dimensional scaling (MDS)

    • differential abundance between sample groups

    • alpha and beta diversity

    • metabolic activity (NGS)


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Our expert scientists will assist you at every step from experimental design to choosing the right sequencing technology, statistical analysis and visualizations utilizing our best practices microbial community profiling pipeline.

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