Ariadne Genomics and Integrated Genomics Announce Strategic Partnership

CHICAGO, IL and Rockville, MD - December 8, 2003

Ariadne Genomics, Inc., a leading developer of systems biology tools, today announced a strategic partnership with Integrated Genomics Inc., a leading microbial genomics company. The deal allows scientists worldwide to easily access and analyze 600+ annotated microbial and eukaryotic genomes.

The two companies will work together to integrate Integrated Genomics' extensive pathway collection, derived from its ERGO™ bioinformatics suite of curated microbial and eukaryotic genomes, with PathwayAssist™, the Ariadne Genomics desktop software for pathway visualization and analysis. The new joint products will be available for academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide directly, and through reseller channels of Ariadne Genomics, including Stratagene.

"Scientists need to have an easy access to genomics knowledge, and this information has to be easily manageable", said Ilya Mazo, President of Ariadne Genomics. "We believe that biochemical pathway databases and annotated genome structures from ERGO will be an important addition to our ResNet database of protein interactions derived from scientific literature, providing scientists a comprehensive toolset for their genomics and proteomics studies."

"We are very pleased to provide Ariadne Genomics customers with our unique pathway collection derived from the ERGO engine, significantly increasing the overall scientific value of the PathwayAssist offer," said Roelf Datema, Integrated Genomics' CEO. "We are sure that this technology integration with the desktop visualization and analysis software will raise the availability and usability of our databases to the scientists worldwide."

About PathwayAssist™

PathwayAssist™ is a cutting-edge tool for navigation, analysis and visualization of biological pathways, gene regulation networks and protein interaction maps for a broad range of genomics and proteomics studies, including drug discovery and microarray data analysis. It comes with MedScan module for automated extraction of information from scientific literature, and ResNet, a molecular networks database compiled from MEDLINE abstracts and other public data sources.

About ERGO™

ERGO™ is the most advanced and comprehensive bioinformatics suite for genomics, harboring over 600 genomes of which 400 are curated microbial genomes. ERGO™ combines gene essentiality and micro-array data with pathway reconstructions (over 6,000 pathways), enabling strain development, drug discovery and metabolic engineering.

About Ariadne Genomics

Ariadne Genomics, Inc. is a technology leader in development of proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and statistical algorithms designed to functionally interpret novel genetic information. Ariadne Genomics offers software tools and knowledge bases for systems biology: PathwayAssist™ for visualization and analysis of cell regulatory pathways, MedScan, an automated data mining tool for scientific literature (MEDLINE abstracts), DiscoveryCore, a super fast scientific database management system, DAS Browser for navigation and analysis of completely sequenced genomes, and ResNet, a comprehensive database of molecular networks derived from MEDLINE data.

About Integrated Genomics

Integrated Genomics, Inc. (IG), based in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading microbial genomics company. IG's systematic approach to genomics is based on advanced methods of comparative genome analysis, functional reconstructions, and metabolic modeling derived from proprietary high quality, manually annotated metabolic networks. Over years, IG has developed the most advanced and comprehensive bioinformatics suite for genomics, ERGO™. IG has worked successfully with the food, biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

About Stratagene

Headquartered in La Jolla, CA, Stratagene invents, develops, manufactures, sells and supports innovative technologies for life science researchers. Since 1984, Stratagene has been known for novel, reliable and time-saving products in fields spanning molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and toxicology. Stratagene products are sold through a highly trained direct sales force, an e-commerce website, and a network of distributors worldwide.