Chr. Hansen and Integrated Genomics to Sequence a Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacterium

CHICAGO, IL and Cambridge, MA - September 18, 2006

Integrated Genomics Inc. (Chicago, IL), a leading provider of microbial gene sequencing and analysis services, has signed an agreement with Chr. Hansen A/S in Denmark to sequence, close, and annotate the genome of a probiotic lactic acid bacterium. This contract continues a multiyear relationship between the companies in lactic acid microbial genomics. Scientists at Chr. Hansen`s Genomics & Strain Development Department will use the new sequence along with the extensive database of existing lactic acid bacteria genomic sequences and metabolic reconstructions in Integrated Genomics` ERGO™ bioinformatics system to characterize and develop lactic acid bacteria used in foods and as probiotics for human health.

"We will use the information to get a better understanding of the organism in our processes, in those of our customers as well as to understand the interaction between the probiotic lactic acid bacterium and the host. Ultimately we hope to understand how this specific microorganism provides its documented benefits and look for ways to further improve products containing this strain", said Dr. Eric Johansen, Vice President, Molecular Microbiology, at Chr. Hansen.

Optimized for analysis of microorganisms, ERGO™ integrates biological data from genomics, biochemistry, gene expression studies, genetics and literature. Reaching beyond conventional systems for functional analysis of DNA sequences, Integrated Genomics' platform combines pattern-based analysis with comparative genomics and enables visualization of genes in the contexts of regulation, gene expression data, phylogeny, chromosomal neighborhoods and identification of natural gene fusions. ERGO™ contains more than 1032 genomes at various stages of completion, as well as the largest available collection of networked cellular pathways.

Chr. Hansen A/S and Integrated Genomics expect the current project to run through 2006. Chr. Hansen recently renewed their license to the ERGO™ software.

Vinayak Kapatral, Ph.D.
Vice President, Business Development
Integrated Genomics
(312) 491-0846 ext.326

Eric Johansen, PhD
Vice President, Molecular Microbiology

Chr. Hansen A/S
(+45) 45 74 84 64