CRS Supplies High Speed Throughput DNA Isolation and Purification System to Integrated Genomics

CHICAGO, IL (USA) and Burlington, Ontario (Canada) - January 21, 2000

CRS Robotics Corporation (TSE: ROB) is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation of an state-of-the-art, high throughput, fully automated DNA Purification System for Integrated Genomics, Inc. of Chicago, IL. Integrated Genomics will use the CRS custom designed system for automated plasmid isolation and purification of isolated DNA. DNA, a building block of life, is the main component of genes and the target of revolutionary research into cell function and scores of diseases including cancer, arthritis and diabetes.

The system utilizes a glass milk based Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) method. The throughput rate for a complete automated Isolation and Purification DNA from E. coliis up to 4,000 samples per day. The system is controlled by CRS POLARA advanced laboratory software and utilizes a CRS model T265 mobile robot mounted on a two-meter track.

Dr. Michael Fonstein, Chief Scientific Officer at Integrated Genomics noted, "After an extensive search of potential suppliers, we selected CRS for its proven expertise in automated DNA isolation and purification technology systems. The flexibility offered by the CRS system with its ability to easily change and adapt the hardware to future needs, were key elements in our decision making process. Using the CRS system will allow Integrated Genomics to cut the delivery time for our custom genome sequencing projects."

Hansjoerg Haas, Ph.D., Managing Director of the Laboratory Division at CRS commented, "We are honored that Integrated Genomics has selected CRS as their supplier for such an important system. The parallel task requirements specified by Integrated Genomics are an ideal match for the system's modular design. In addition, current as well as future protocols designed by Integrated Genomics will benefit from the unique capabilities of CRS POLARA Open Architecture software incorporated into the system. Integrated Genomics' choice of both hardware and software once more demonstrates that CRS is a leading provider of flexible automation solutions to the genomics marketplace".

About CRS

CRS Robotics is an automation company whose core competencies include the design and fabrication of standard as well as custom lab automation solutions using advanced proprietary software. CRS customers include genomics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research applications worldwide. In addition, CRS manufactures and supplies robots for advanced manufacturing niche markets. CRS is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario and has subsidiaries in the United States and Europe.

About Integrated Genomics

Chicago-based Integrated Genomics provides all levels of analysis of bacterial and fungal genomes, from high-throughput sequencing to sophisticated bioinformatics. The company is a leader in sequence-based metabolic reconstruction and pathway design.

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