Integrated Genomics Concludes Financing Round: Biotech Company to Further Expand its Metabolic Engineering Business

CHICAGO, IL - May 19, 2004

Integrated Genomics Inc. has successfully concluded an additional round of venture capital financing. The capital raised will be used to further expand the business, with particular focus in the area of metabolic engineering.

The Chicago-based company specializes in the industrial use of microorganisms in the fine chemicals, food additives and pharmaceutical industries. In collaboration with industrial partners, scientists at Integrated Genomics study and alter the metabolic processes that take place within organisms in order to manufacture specific substances using biotechnological methods. The foundation for this work is provided by the ERGO™ bioinformatics system and genomics database, which enables scientists to investigate how microorganisms function using a systems biology approach.

Integrated Genomics has recently invested in its business development, marketing and sales departments in order to expand its business relationships and broaden its product portfolio. In addition, the knowledge generated on the ERGO™ platform will be used to develop microarrays that the company intends to market more intensively.

"The demand from industry for metabolic engineering has grown significantly. With our years of experience in the area of industrial microbiology and our proprietary ERGO bioinformatics system, Integrated Genomics offers the ideal conditions for successful partnerships with companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and agriculture industries" said Dr. Roelf Datema, CEO of Integrated Genomics.

Toward these goals, the company also aims to further strengthen its existing international sales partnerships with GATC Biotech AG (Constance, Germany) and Agencourt Bioscience (Waltham, Mass).

About Integrated Genomics
Integrated Genomics is a bioinformatics products and services company that specializes in enabling high quality genomic research for the life science industry. The company focuses on microbial genomics and its industrial and medical applications, assisting customers in several ways:

  • Genome sequencing to fully complete or "close" genomes.

  • ERGO™ software suite, a powerful, proprietary tool that offers comprehensive genomic analysis from a diverse and rapidly expanding database of prokaryotic, eukaryotic and archael organisms.

  • Custom bioinformatics projects that provide results ranging from ORF calling to genome annotation to metabolic pathway reconstruction.

  • Metabolic engineering to apply genomics knowledge in order to direct product formation during bioprocess optimization.

Kathe Andrews-Cramer, Ph.D.
Director, Business Development
Integrated Genomics
(312) 491-0846 ext.371