Integrated Genomics, Inc. Appoints Jose Laplaza, Ph.D. as Director of Strain Engineering and Lab Operations

CHICAGO, IL (May 5, 2009) – Integrated Genomics, Inc. today announces it has appointed Jose Laplaza, Ph.D. as Director of Strain Engineering and Lab Operations. Dr. Laplaza brings significant experience in gene expression, fermentation optimization and strain development. He will be responsible for leading IG’s efforts in contract and internal metabolic engineering research. 

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Laplaza on board,” said Anamitra Bhattacharyya, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at IG. “He possesses a proven track record for planning and executing successful industrial metabolic engineering projects.”

Integrated Genomics is a leader in microbial metabolic engineering. Company scientists utilize the ERGO™ Genome Analysis Suite, which provides access to over 1,700 microbial genomes, comprehensive metabolic pathway networks and regulation information, in order to create effective strategies for metabolic engineering that are carried out in our laboratories. Furthermore, IG scientists are experts in mining the ERGO™ database for novel pathways and mechanisms that can be exploited for greater product yields. 

"The combination of our world class bioinformatics platform (ERGO™) and strain development team will offer added value and new solutions to our customers,” stated Dr. Laplaza. “I am extremely excited about being a part of Integrated Genomics’ effort that I believe will play a key role in decreasing society’s dependence on petroleum-based chemicals by providing resources for the implementation of renewable alternatives."

Prior to joining Integrated Genomics, Inc., Dr. Laplaza served as both Bioscience Team Leader and Scientist at Cargill BioTDC where he was involved in a variety of new product development, fermentation and enzymatic optimization projects. Prior to Cargill, he worked in the laboratory of Dr. Tom Jeffries at USDA-Forest Service developing genetic tools and yeast strains for the fermentation of wood-derived sugars into ethanol. Dr. Laplaza obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in Molecular Genetics. 

About Integrated Genomics, Inc:

Integrated Genomics ( is a provider of bioinformatics products and services for the life sciences industry. The company’s expertise in microbial genomics includes genome sequencing, comparative genomics, custom bioinformatics applications and microbial metabolic engineering. IG has developed and distributes ERGO™, the most advanced and comprehensive bioinformatics suite for microbial genomics on the market. ERGO™ contains the largest available integration of microbial genome data, including genome-derived metabolic reconstructions representing over 6,000 networked metabolic and non-metabolic pathways.


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