Integrated Genomics, Inc. Receives AURRP Incubator of the Year Award

CHICAGO, IL - April 30, 2001

Integrated Genomics, Inc. has been recently honored with The Incubator of the Year Award by the Association of University Related Research Parks (AURRP) during their 2001 Conference held in Chicago, IL. Chairman of the Board and President, Robert Haselkorn, member of the faculty of the University of Chicago since 1961, received the award on behalf of the 130 plus employees located throughout the United States, Germany, and Russia.

Founded in 1998, Integrated Genomics is headquartered in the Chicago Technology Park (CTP). Integrated Genomics combines genome sequencing and bioinformatic services to provide a better understanding of cellular life and a means to improve human life. A large number of the world's best known pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical companies are currently customers of Integrated Genomics' sequencing and bioinformatic services. "Integrated Genomics current success is a prime example of the support that technology parks, local universities, combined with state and local government can have in assisting a company become successful", said Pam McDonough, Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, which is a major partner in the CTP. "Integrated Genomics primary success is the collection of top caliber scientists that the co-founders Michael Fonstein and Ross Overbeek have assembled," said Jim Peters, Director of the CTP.

AURRP is the premier organization supporting research/science parks and technology incubators. A non-profit international organization, AURRP represents planned technology developments, alternatively referred to as research, science or technology parks, which are designed to promote university-industry relations, to foster innovation, and to facilitate the transfer of technology from academe to the private sector. Today, the Association serves over 290 members around the world; representing 75% of the research parks in North America and research parks from 31 countries. It was during the 1980's that a resurgence of research parks and technology incubators took hold. Prior to 1980 only a handful of such developments had been undertaken. Today more than 410 research parks worldwide are in varying stages of development (142 in the U.S).

About Integrated Genomics

Integrated Genomics, Inc., based in Chicago, Illinois, offers a systematic approach to solving genomic problems by using pioneering methods of high-throughput sequencing, comparative analysis of genomes, functional reconstruction, and metabolic modeling. Integrated Genomics' analytical bioinformatic suite, ERGO™ comprising over 300 genomes making it the largest biochemical database on the market. The company is particularly strong in genome sequencing, annotation and analytical ranking the company in the top ten companies in the world and genome analysis and functional reconstruction with an aim to address issues such as strain and fermentation improvement, crop protection, and drug discovery.

Yuri Nikolski, Ph.D.
Vice President, Business Development
Integrated Genomics