Pathway Analysis Products by Ariadne to Feature Integrated Genomics Microbial Pathway Collection

CHICAGO, IL and Rockville, MD - May 19, 2006

Ariadne today announced that the unique Metabolic Vision microbial pathway collection developed by Integrated Genomics is now available as an ancillary pathway database for its PathwayStudio® and PathwayExpert™ software. The addition of Metabolic Vision collection expands the applications of PathwayStudio® and PathwayExpert™ to include microbial pathway analysis for basic, medical and industrial microbiology, and food and environmental research in addition to mammalian pathway analysis.

Metabolic Vision is an extensive pathway collection comprised of more than 6000 curated metabolic and non-metabolic pathways together with detailed prokaryotic and eukaryotic functional overviews that place these pathways in a biochemical and metabolic context. Abstracted from Integrated Genomics ERGO™ Bioinformatics suite, Metabolic Vision was developed as genomic annotations of a database of over 900 genomes across all domains of life.

Ariadne's leading pathway analysis and visualization tools allow scientists to use the Metabolic Vision pathways to interpret microarray and proteomics data, classify and prioritize proteins, draw pathway diagrams, export, import and filter data, and automatically update pathways with newly published facts.

"We are delighted to expand our partnership with Integrated Genomics to include PathwayStudio, formerly marketed as PathwayAssist, and PathwayExpert," commented Ilya Mazo, President of Ariadne. "Metabolic Vision significantly increases the scientific value of our products, adding curated microbial and fungal pathway data to our eukaryotic molecular interaction databases for scientists investigating general microbiology, pathogenecity, antibiotics, and fungal microbiology."

"Ariadne's tremendous tools for pathway visualization and analysis fundamentally expand the scientific application of the pathway data compiled in our ERGO genomic database," said John Elling, President and CEO of Integrated Genomics.

PathwayStudio® is available as a desktop or client-server solution for individual scientists and workgroups. PathwayExpert™ is an integrated web-based pathway informatics platform. Ariadne pathway software is traditionally supplied with ResNet database of over a million functional relationships for human, rat, mouse, as well as databases for four model organisms.

A 20 day trial version of PathwayStudio® can be found on the Ariadne website A demo of Metabolic Vision is available form Ariadne upon request.

About Integrated Genomics
Integrated Genomics is a provider of bioinformatics products and services for the life science industry, with a recent focus on the use of in silico strategies for comparative genomics. The company's expertise in microbial genomics includes genome sequencing, genome analysis and custom bioinformatics. IG has developed and distributed ERGO™, the most advanced and comprehensive bioinformatics suite for microbial genomics on the market. ERGO™ contains the largest available integration of microbial genome data, including genome-derived metabolic reconstructions and representing the chemical reaction networks of metabolic pathways.

About Ariadne
Ariadne develops systems biology software for life science research. Products include PathwayStudio® (formerly PathwayAssist) leading pathway analysis software and PathwayExpert™ informatics platform for the research of cellular regulation and drug response modeling. Ariadne software is equipped with MedScan™, a mature information extraction technology based on domain-specific natural language processing (NLP), and comes with a ResNet family of molecular network databases, both automatically generated and manually curated. MedScan Reader™ is a biomedical literature browser that greatly facilitates the reading of scientific text by automatically extracting and displaying the information of interest.

Vinayak Kapatral, Ph.D.
Vice President, Business Development
Integrated Genomics
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