Igenbio, Inc. Releases ERGO 2.0

CHICAGO (March 31st, 2015)

Igenbio, Inc. announced today the release of ERGO 2.0, the latest version of a unique integrated platform that enables industrial, academic, and medical scientists to rapidly develop knowledge from existing and new DNA sequencing projects. ERGO 2.0 will help reduce time to market by saving precious lab effort and resources. ERGO 2.0 contains a massive curated database integrated with state of the art synthetic biology tools enabling faster product creation.

Built on a robust and well-curated genomic pathway database and comparative genome tools, ERGO 2.0 offers a unique single web-based platform for synthetic biology applications with integration of gene centric tools, primer, expression vector design, combinatorial library creations and more. ERGO 2.0 allows expression data integration with the ability to compute differential gene expression and statistical analysis. “One does not need to be an expert in genomics, computer software, bioinformatics, or statistics; ERGO 2.0 does all the computation and provides meaningful results,” says Benjamin Vaisvil, VP Bioinformatics and Software Engineering at Igenbio, Inc.

About Igenbio

Chicago-based Igenbio, Inc. specializes in research in microbial genomics, biochemistry, and gene expression. Igenbio, Inc. serves a broad customer base across industry, academic and government institutions. ERGO 2.0 integrates proprietary functional genomic data, metabolic reconstructions, expression profiling, biochemical with genome and gene-centric tools for genome research.

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