Igenbio and Genome Compiler Corp. Enter into a Collaborative Agreement to Offer Synthetic Biology Solutions

Chicago, Illinois & Los Altos, California (August 19, 2014).

Igenbio, Inc., a Chicago based genome analysis company, announced today that they entered into a collaborative agreement with Genome Compiler Corp., a Los Altos based synthetic biology software company. The collaboration is to create comprehensive synthetic biology solutions using Igenbio flagship product, ERGO™, the next generation Genome Analysis & Discovery System along with Genome Compiler's proprietary biology designs solution.

Igenbio, Inc. is experiencing growth on all fronts. "We are excited to be at the forefront of synthetic biology. Partnering with Genome Compiler to create a single integrated platform providing exceptional annotations, pathways, and an enormous curated parts database across all genomes will enable scientists to expedite new product creation," said Vinayak Kapatral, President & CEO of Igenbio, Inc.

Genome Compiler Corp. provides an integrated intuitive software platform for rapid engineering of biology with its genomic manipulation tools and its optimal design experience. "We strive to make the programing of living things easy and accessible. We are working with industry leaders to create a sophisticated platform by integrating the best tools to forward the synthetic biology community. We are thrilled to be a part of Igenbio's ERGO and to offer ERGO's services to our customers utilizing their genome analysis and discovery expertise," said Omri Drory, CEO of Genome Compiler.

About Igenbio

Chicago-based Igenbio, Inc. specializes in research in microbial genomics, biochemistry, and gene expression. Igenbio, Inc. serves a broad customer base across industry, academic and government institutions. ERGO integrates proprietary functional genomic data, metabolic reconstructions, expression profiling, and biochemical and microbiological data and tools for genome research. 

About ERGO: ERGO Genome Analysis & Discovery System 
Igenbio's American Website: www.igenbio.com 
Igenbio's Japanese Website: www.igenbio.jp

About Genome Compiler

Based in Los Altos, CA and Tel-Aviv, Israel, Genome Compiler is a leader in computer aided design and collaboration platforms for the synthetic biology industry. The Genome Compiler CAD tool allows scientists in the biotechnology, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to design, debug and compile biological code, to develop better bio-based products faster 
About Genome Compiler: Genome Compiler