Igenbio Establishes Direct Presence in Japan

Chicago, Illinois (May 22, 2014).

Igenbio Inc., a Chicago based genome analysis company announced today the establishment of a representative office in Japan. Igenbio Japan will be promoting and distributing its flagship product, ERGO, the next generation Genome Analysis & Discovery System, to the Japanese market.

"Igenbio, Inc. has been experiencing growth on all fronts. We are excited to turn our attention to the Japanese life sciences market. We believe that our products align with the high-quality genomics and synthetic biology work being done in Japan," said Vinayak Kapatral, President & CEO of Igenbio, Inc. "Having a Japan-focused and localized web channel supported by our local office will enable us to better serve our customer base in Japan."

Japan has been a key area of opportunity for Igenbio Inc., constituting one of the countries most focused on genomic research. "Having a local office will help Igenbio take up a strong position in this important market by showing our commitment to this extremely demanding customer base," said Igenbio Japan CM Jaffer Hussainee, the newly appointed Country Manager for Igenbio Japan.

About Igenbio

Chicago-based Igenbio, Inc. specializes in research in microbial genomics, biochemistry, and gene expression. Igenbio, Inc. serves a broad customer base across industry, academic and government institutions. ERGO integrates proprietary functional genomic data, metabolic reconstructions, expression profiling, and biochemical and microbiological data and tools for genome research. 

About ERGO: ERGO Genome Analysis & Discovery System 
Igenbio's American Website: www.igenbio.com 
Igenbio's Japanese Website: www.igenbio.jp