Arla Foods and Integrated Genomics to Sequence and Analyse Lactic Acid Bacterium

CHICAGO, IL and Stockholm, Sweden - January 29, 2007

Integrated Genomics Inc. (Chicago, IL), a leading provider of microbial gene sequencing and analysis services, has signed an agreement with Arla Foods in Sweden and Denmark to sequence and annotate the genome of a dairy lactic acid bacterium. Scientists at Arla Foods will use the new sequence and metabolic reconstructions in Integrated Genomics’ ERGO™ bioinformatics system to characterize and develop lactic acid bacteria used in foods such as milk, cheese, butter, and milk based products.

Optimized for analysis of microorganisms, ERGO™ integrates biological data from genomics, biochemistry, gene expression studies, genetics and literature. Reaching beyond conventional systems for functional analysis of DNA sequences, Integrated Genomics' platform combines pattern-based analysis with comparative genomics and enables visualization of genes in the contexts of regulation, gene expression data, phylogeny, chromosomal neighborhoods and identification of natural gene fusions. ERGO™ contains more than 1145 genomes at various stages of completion, as well as the largest available collection of networked cellular pathways. Arla Foods and Integrated Genomics expect the current project to run through 2007.

About Integrated Genomics, Inc.
Integrated Genomics provides a full range of products and services to support research in microbial genomics, biochemistry and gene expression. These products and services are based on ERGO™, the most advanced and comprehensive bioinformatics suite for microbial genomics on the market. ERGO™ contains the largest available integration of microbial genome data, including genome-derived metabolic reconstructions and representing the chemical reaction networks of metabolic pathways.

About Arla Foods
Arla Foods is a cooperative dairy company owned by the milk producers in Denmark and Sweden. It is one of the largest dairy companies in Europe. Developing products within the health area is of great interest to the company and probiotics is one of the main health interests. The strain, Lactobacillus caseiF19, being sequenced in this collaboration with Integrated Genomics has also been used in a number of clinical studies. It is present in products under the name of Cultura in Scandinavia, and a probiotic cheese containing these bacteria has recently been launched in US.

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Integrated Genomics
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Ulla Svensson, Ph.D.
Manager Bioscience and Probiotics
Arla Foods
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