CODA and Integrated Genomics announce collaboration to enhance Protein Production in Pichia Yeast Expression Systems

CHICAGO, IL and Laguna Hills, CA - January 4, 2007

CODA Genomics and Integrated Genomics (Chicago, IL) announced today a collaboration which will apply CODA’s proprietary Translation Engineering™ protein expression technology to the Pichia yeast expression system.

"Pichia continues to grow in use and success in many markets. We are pleased to work with Integrated Genomics to help increase yield and activity of difficult to express proteins. This relationship exemplifies our continued expansion and success in solving protein expression bottlenecks" said Dr. Robert J. Molinari, CEO of CODA.

"This combination of our proprietary Pichia sequence and metabolic reconstruction with CODA’s unique expression optimization technology provides a tremendous opportunity for scientists optimizing protein expression in Pichia" added Dr. John Elling, President of Integrated Genomics.

CODA’s proprietary protein Translation Engineering™ technologies address protein expression, solubility and activity challenges in rational design steps at all stages of pharmaceutical development. This utilization of synthetic biology can change the competitive landscape of many businesses which rely on successful protein production.

Integrated Genomics provides the detailed genomic sequence of Pichia and other cell lines which are crucial for successful protein production. The accurate sequence, assembly and detailed annotation provided by Integrated Genomics allows CODA to provide enhanced genes for protein expression without amino acid changes in proteins of interest.

About Integrated Genomics, Inc.
Integrated Genomics provides a full range of products and services to support research in microbial genomics, biochemistry and gene expression. These products and services are based on ERGO™, the most advanced and comprehensive bioinformatics suite for microbial genomics on the market. ERGO™ contains the largest available integration of microbial genome data, including genome-derived metabolic reconstructions and representing the chemical reaction networks of metabolic pathways.

About CODA Genomics, Inc.
CODA Genomics, Inc. is a protein Translation Engineering company focused on proprietary, patented optimization of synthetic genes to express across a variety of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell lines. This unique technology promotes synthetic biology success by solving problems related to protein expression, activity and solubility.

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